Cruise Log #2: transect off Figueira da Foz (14 Sep)

On the 14th of September HabWAVE’s team were again at sea, this time to perform sampling and measurements along a zonal transect off Figueira da Foz. The field work consists in cross-shore vertical sections of temperature, salinity, turbidity, and Rosette samples for phytoplankton, HPLC and nutrients. The aim is, like the fixed station, to characterize stratification conditions and the spatial distribution of suspended particulate matter, nutrients and cysts. This time it was possible to filter water on board and check in real time the phytoplankton population of the sample.

The first station along the cross-shore section is located at 1 nautical mile offshore; the following stations are half a mile apart from each other, in a total of 10 stations. Two additional onshore stations were performed to check a possible upwelling shadow effect south of Cape Mondego (see image below).

Here are some photos provided by the team on board.