Task 3 – In situ data collection and analysis

Duration in months: 18
Start date: 20-03-2019
End date: 19-09-2020

Observation of the main physical processes (currents, temperature) to characterize the dominant physical forcing during summer and related sedimentary dynamics in the study region. Obtain in situ physical, biological and geological data, with high temporal and spatial resolution.

Expected results
This task will provide input and validation data for both Task 2 (satellite imagery) and 6 (model) and will provide the samples for Tasks 4 and 5. It will contribute to the understanding of the relation between cysts and fine sediment dynamics (silt) and the response of the Benthic Nephloid Layer (BNL) to physical processes.

IH will coordinate the oceanographic survey and mooring deployment. IH will be responsible for laboratory sedimentological analysis and interpretation. MARE and CCMAR will be responsible for phytoplankton and pigment analyses.