Participation on 19th ICHA meeting

Team members participated in the 19th ICHA virtual meeting that took place between 10 and 15 October 2021.  It was the first time ICHA happened in a virtual format following the local time at La Paz, Mexico. Participating from a different time zone gave us a little feeling of the usual jet lag.

Ana Amorim, as Council member of the International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae (ISSHA), was part of the International Advisory Board. Both Ana Amorim and Teresa Moita participated as co-Chair in several of the sessions namely on HAB ecology, Freshwater and marine biogeography, and Ciguatera and benthic HABs.

The meeting was a success with participants from 47 countries, 9 plenary talks, 247 oral contributions, 40 speed talks and 110 posters.

Project results were presented in the oral presentation entitled: “Protoceratium reticulatum bloom in NW Iberia mid-shelf waters” (cf. Abstracts Book)