Task 1 – Project Management

Duration in months: 36
Start Date: 27-09-2018
End Date: 26-09-2021

Coordination of partner roles, management of contributions to the project, quality assurance, successful completion of the project on time and within budget.

The PI will be responsible for the project management with the support of the Management Board (MB), with representatives from all partner institutions, and the administrative staff of FCiencias.ID.
The members of the MB, chosen at the kick-off meeting, are: Ana Amorim (MARE-FCUL), Paulo Oliveira (IPMA), Teresa Moita (CCMAR), Anabela Oliveira (IH) and Jesus Dubert (University of Aveiro-CESAM).

The PI will be responsible for promoting a continuous dialogue between partners, promoting short skype meetings with a proposed agenda to guarantee timely evaluation of any possible deviations and stimulate collaboration between partners. These periodic meetings will allow integrated vision of the work progress, pinpoint major difficulties, report deviations from the work-plan, measure risks and propose contingency measures. Three annual meetings are foreseen with the participation of the project consultants.

All partners will be involved.